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A Visit to the Les Picker B&W Exhibit

Jul 3, 2018

and a small addition to our Other People's Art collectionWow, it's been a while since I've been able to go see an exhibit of B&W photography, OK – monochrome to Les Picker, the photographer in this case. The showing is in town at the Artists Emporium until the 27th. The image at the top shows his sign and a few of his large images – wildlife photography by a National Geographic photographer, only in B&W. Striking and impressive. But, I would recommend paying close attention to the array of his scenics on the opposite wall – I could well l imagine looking for a place to hang any one of that group.

     I've done a few wildlife B&Ws myself (if you consider things like a closeup of a bee on a flower wildlife), and have mixed feelings about them. Wondering if I appreciate them so much – as with the wildlife shots in this exhibit – primarily because of my own focus on and love for B&W (along with I confess something of a distain for color as an art form). Sort of like a lot of authors appreciating writers that bore most of us (a writers' writer), or artists appreciationg painters the rest of us just don't understand (a painters' painter). Would I like them so much otherwise, I'm still working on that one. But I am sure about the views on the left wall. Both groupings are worth a visit to the Gallery – and be sure to pick up one of the little freebie momento prints laid out.

     For anyone interested in a slightly more technical side, Les is a fellow Fuji mirrorless convert. While I've moved from medium format film to Canon SLRs and then to the X-T2 mirrorless, he's recently adopted Fuji's new medium format camera, the G-FX, my camera's big 50 megapixel brother. Again, I highly recommend a trip into town to see the show – and while there, take a look-see next door at some of the work in the Gallery Nan and I are in next door – RiverView. And for that matter, don't miss the Arts by the Bay Gallery on the next block. There's some nice stuff in there too (just no B&W photography).

For my Other People’s Art section: Maria Annegarn piece…

     One of our favorite fellow artists in RiverView Gallery was unable to sit her turn at the Gallery this last Saturday so I filled it. Not a totally unselfish act because in return we got to choose one of her pieces to take home – and fortunately the date coincided with the reception for Les Picker, above – and the boss gave me permission to leave a little early to attend. Win, win!

     Nan selected the piece above, she'd been eying it for a while and knew exactly what she wanted to do with it (Nan added the little springs). It's just six inches tall. Annegarn's work is fascinatingly original, one sees nothing quite like it anywhere. Visit my Other People's Art section, brouse around and see just how many pieces of hers we've collected. My personal favorites are on a special display rack – posting HERE. Her work can be found in RiverView Gallery in town. See her web site for contact information: https://www.mannegarn.com


Opera House Presentation Update – as the outline evolves, I'll change it here…

     I finally have some solid information as to times, etc. I will kick things off at seven with a four minute color slide show - pretty fast moving - to give everyone a feel for the Island today. Then there will be a slide / video show with commentary (sorry about that). At about 8:30 there will be a 15 minute break for getting a beer, coffee, glass of wine, book distribution, etc. Hang onto your tickets because when you pick up your book, tickets will be placed in a jar for drawing near the end - winner can choose any framed original image off the wall downstairs. 

     The after-break, much shorter session will include a short summary of my approach to B&W as an art form, notes on pulling off a project like this, examples of the unique problems that came up with solutions, questions and answers, etc.