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Announcing Opera House Presentation and Olives Baby, Olives

Jul 5, 2018

This is my way of donating to the Opera House – a phenomenal addition to our community that brings so much in the way of culture, entertainment, and variety, at very reasonable prices to our town. So, get your tickets, pick up your free book, enjoy a presentation that I am working hard to make both enlightening and fun, see some of our collection of original Rapanui carvings, and take a chance in a drawing for a choice from the half dozen or more framed Easter Island prints on the wall in the reception room – the image above, Dancing at the Coronation of the Queen, will be one of them, along with Tongariki from the Sea from the book jacket.

     Again, all monies go the the Opera House – if you haven't been there yet, check out upcoming events at OHHdg.org. In fact, get your tickets for this while your are there. (If for some reason you can't make it, don't worry, save your ticket(s) and I will make arrangements to leave your book for pick-up at RiverView Gallery in town – gotta be there for the drawing though). This will be the invitation postcard. I found a good deal on 4.25x6 glossy cards so decided to contribute a little to promoting the event. The back of the card shows below. Notice I'm using the same image for the card that graces the banner at the top of my home page here – it's a personal favorite.

Note: I get in trouble sometimes for saying "Opera House" in the presence of the Director when the proper wording is "The Cultural Center at the Opera House". Sorry, but by the time you get the whole thing out, people lose track of what you are taking about and are already moving on. They insisted I correct it on the front of the postcard though – I'm a baaaaaaad boy!

Olives Baby, Olives

Four years ago, on a whim, I picked up one of those baby olive trees at Home Depot, along with a couple of tomato and pepper plants for our patio pots. Of course we bring "Olive" it in from the cold in the winter. We're grooming it for a Banzai, it stands a healthy three feet or so now and will soon need its second serious trimming. This year it is rewarding us with a couple of dozen of these little things – olives. Nan says she's actually planning on harvesting them to age in brine according to some formula she found on line. Now how cool is that!!