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First Friday in July – Part II

Jul 13, 2018

First Friday in Havre de Grace has come into its own. And surprsingly it has become a great place to take the kids for an evening out. I'm always makeing new discoveries – while some simply land repeatedly on one section of one street (like Cliff's Drum Circle) and stay there, missing an awful lot but then again not missing some of the action there. It's a little of a quandary. The evening officially ends at 9:30 – just about dark except for earlier in the year when that comes well after dark and people are setting up lights.

     I'm seeing so many interesting people that I'm considering including non-candids into what I'm doing – shots more in the line of what they call "street portraits". You ask people if you can take their picture and then you do a quick head shot with them looking at the camera. Might work pretty good in B&W.

     That could mean switching lenses a couple of times during the evening – and carrying the second one in a small bag of some kind, but I do like to work light. Or worse/better as the case may be, carrying a second camera around my neck with the other lens on it. Hmmmm. OR, in order to keep it light, do the "street portraits" with the iPhone. Best to angst a bit over this stuff beforehand rather than suffer and sweat through improper preparation.

     That brings me to note that I now have a second Fuji body, a little X-T20 – the little brother to my X-T2. I picked it up used, but in really nice condition. I've been working without a backup or second camera (other than Nan's point-and-shoot) since I sold my Canon equipment and went Fuji mirrorless. I'll be able to do videos along with the stills now without having to resort to the iPhone (although it does a great job). So many toys and so little time!

     The image above is a group shot of Sharon and the Edge, one of the bands that seem to rotate in the prime spot opposite Joseph's Department Store on Washington Street. Note the huge fan blowing right on Sharon – the evening started out pretty darn hot. We like to check out the bands and figure out what kind of affair they would be best for – Sharon and the Edge – they would be our choice for any event with dancing that required a live band and singer you could listen to all evening.

Below, a couple of grab shots of kids in the street. The little boy's mother stood listening to Sharon and the Edge while her boy blew off a lot of energy, sometimes to the music. The little girl was just on the other side of the street polishing off what we alwasy got our kids at ourdoor events, a hot dog. First Friday is both kid and adult friendly – a rare combination.


Below – another one of my shots of a giant chess game outside Concord Point Coffee. I like this series a lot.

Next a sneak side-portrait – the statuesque profile was just too great to miss. Nan said I should ask her for a pose but I knew I was getting what I wanted as a candid.

Last, for maybe a touch of humor, a great example of what it's like manning an event booth at a point when nothing is happening there, but you can't leave and join in the fun elsewhere. Been there, I understand.

Looks like there will be a whole lot of 8x11 on 11x14 freebies to print this summer if I want to put them out there First Friday in October…

Upcoming Opera House Presentation

     The postcards are here already, ready for August distribution around town – I just wonder if First Friday in August will be a little too early to start that. I did get the event on the Harford Photography Group Calendar and contacted the Baltimore Camera Club (havne't heard back yet). It sure would be nice if a little more interest can be generated in B&W photography as an art from around here.


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