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From the Street Looking In

Aug 13, 2018

…artist Pamela Wilde painting artist Jonathan West. Walking through town, without my camera, of course, I spotted area artist Jonathan West getting his portrait painted by portraitist Pamela Wilde in the window of the Artists Emporium. So I whipped out my trusty iPhone, launched Camera+2, one of my go-to camera apps because it shoots RAW, and snapped off a few exposures – interrupted by having to take Jonathan's phone and shoot a couple for him.

     I had a hard time selecting an image to work on, but settled on this one in spite of the fact that others showed a better reflection of the photographer (me), adding another dimension to the shot. I liked it but it just didn't have the geometry.

     Pamela has been working on this series for a few months now – I'll have to keep my eyes open and consider my own iPhone series of the process. Ideas come and go, but this one just might stay. iPhone RAW images, if you take a little care with them, can be "adjusted" to a considerable extent and print well up to 12x16 (if there's any cropping this might require a little interpolation, but not enough to be degenerative. This one – full frame, no cropping.

     The 8.125x11 matted 11x14 will be in the display at RiverView – maybe – by the end of the week, or month…

Due to our recent experience cleaning decades of pieces in our collection of art by other artists – I HAVE UPDATED MY 2013 COLUMN ON OUTGASSING OF ARTWORK BEHIND GLASS and paced it as a separate blog entry preceding this one, and changed the How-to link to reflect the change:  Out-Gassing of Art Work Behind Glass