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Notes on my Presentation at the Opera House

Aug 31, 2018

I copied the intro image from the Opera House web site – https://hdgoperahouse.org/gallery/ – I hope that was OK with them. They have a Gallery section where their photographer puts up images celebrating events held there. This is me as I got to the point in the presentation where the slide of the B&W image that lends its title to the book is projected – The Moon has been Eaten. It's a shot of the moon in lunar eclipse from Easter Island. Why it came out blue in this exposure is beyond me, but I'm not going to mess with that, here it actually adds something. The stars are showing in the image, not so much here. Note the "upside down" moon – this is the southern hemisphere so that's how they see it.

     I want to thank everyone who attended my The Moon has been Eaten presentation at the Havre de Grace Opera House this Tuesday. One never knows how things like this are going to work out as far as attendance – the director, Rebecca Jessup who was extremely helpful, estimated that for this kind of thing we might expect between thirty and forty, so I donated fifty books. But we did better than that and ran out. Fortunately I knew enough people there to do a little confiscating of books that could be replaced the following day and use them – but a quick moment of panic there.

     So it was a nice crowd, allowing me to set myself up in the mid-way aisle and seat everyone in the back half of the room, controlling the screen remotely.  It was really great to see everyone and, again, we are grateful to everyone for attending.

     I had a lot of fun and everyone else seemed to enjoy it too. While I was preparing for this, gathering together images, cutting video clips, etc. I Googled around for pointers on line that might help make my Power-Point/Keynote presentation more interesting. But I kept finding some of the worst advice I've ever heard – maybe that's why most of these things we attend can be so dull. Then, attending a local Rogue Swan performance, I picked up on something something. The more fun they were having, the more fun the audience had. So I simply decided to do whatever was fun for me and hope for the best.

     Am I anxious to repeat this – not really. I accomplished what I set out to: make a satisfactory contribution to our home town's Opera House, re-introduce myself to the local art community after a decade of essentially being absent due to the demands of the project, and finally bring some kind of closure to an endeavour that encompassed more than a decade of our lives. Time to concentrate on my new project – Havre de Grace Street.

    Clarence and Ruth Vaughn won the raffle drawing and selected Moai on a Starry Night from the exhibit – it's an 18x24 framed 26x32. The only thing that was missing was the traditional girl in a skimpy outfit to draw the ticket.

     I should probably add that this was, by popular demand, the non-techy version of my presentation. I had to unmercifully bite my tongue throughout in order to avoid segues into deep well discussions about individual B&W prints. As one sculptor put it afterwards, "it was 50 of us and maybe two of them, it's a good thing you didn't go there”. Besides, there’s probably a whole semester’s worth of discussion material there, considerably more than a couple of hours.

Thanks again everyone…

Affinity Publisher – Yeah Baby

     Affinity Publisher is out in Beta. I feel like I've been waiting for this forever, and it looks like it was well worth the wait. Adobe (ouch) is reasonable with their subscription fee for Photoshop – $10 a month. But if you need even one of their other 14 or so apps (like InDesign) you have to pay the $50 a month for ALL of them. NOT a user friendly policy. I needed InDesign – until now.

     Affinity Publisher, free for now in Beta, comes close enough to InDesign to work for me. Full of bugs, you bet, all Beta apps are. But InDesign, watch out. You were a Quark killer in your day, and now primarily because of your insidious subscription policies, Affinity Publisher promises to be an InDesign killer. Price will almost definitely be the same $49 as all Affinity apps – to actually OWN it. Again, yeah baby. New toy, new toy, new toy.