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Suddenly Seymour – Rogue Swan's Tara Vin

Aug 6, 2018

OK, I admit to a little prejudice here. But we all have song favorites so I have a right to my choices. We attended this weekend's performance in town of Rogue Swan a little worried that we would be hearing familiar material – but I was shooting some pictures for them so at least I'd be busy. Boy was I wrong. Not only was the perforance very good, this young lady, Tara Vin, left it all on the stage a couple of times. First, singing one of my favorite songs of all time – Suddenly Seymour. She sang it as part of a duet. This is the shot I like most from the song. She's particularly convincing and takes you with her when she sings.

     Today's two shots weren't easily processed. I was shooting an 85-300mm zoom with no flash, in relatively dim lighting. At the same time I had to crop the you-know-what out of them to get the close-ups because I didn't shoot either one as close-up as I should have. And the dark red wall behind them was interrupted with squares of bright light – I wasn't going to leave those in there. There was enough work on the background on these two to keep me busy for now.

     The second shot is from and reflects the second great song Tara sang – surprising that a show that moved smoothly between romantic to rollicking fun took such a serious turn while she sang Strange Fruit. But God it was great, and through the image you can feel the lyrics. Of course it doesn't hurt that the camera does seem to like this young lady, even more than last year. She's still in college but between last season's performances and this summer she seems to have lost some of that teen-age look.

Tara's not getting her copies of these until she signs ours – for when she's famous.

     I'll have a few more images from this Rogue Swan performance, a couple of them fun, later in the week – they've been doing these at The Artists Emporium free by the way. After these two songs, I just couldn't resist matching them up to images from their performance right away (I'll try and post a duet shot from the Suddenly Seymour performance in with the others).