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Two More from Rogue Swan last Weekend

Aug 9, 2018

It can be risky catching a woman unawares with a camera, even if you like the result – they may not. April (Burril, Monique, whatever – I can’t keep track with these show people) was sitting on a stool, out of the already too low light waiting for her cue. I liked her expression so I grabbed it. ISO 10,000 at 1/60 a second at 200mm (305 equivalent), not promising stats. On top of that I had to crop the heck out of it – which probably is a plus because the graininess helps give the result something of a charcoal sketch effect. I hope she likes it – I love the expression. I've noticed it before and have been keeping an eye out for it. Maximum print size though is the 8.25x11 that it will be in the display at RiverView – it's one of those B&Ws that have to be seen in print form to appreciate the tone and texture of it. If she doesn't pick her freebie up I'll know she's not amused – I'm so anxious to print it, I'll probably get to it for as early as next week.

     Below is another risky shot of a woman to post – Katy Gordon being, well, Katy Gordon. She seems to be pretty much the driving force behind Rogue Swan, and probably anything else she's involved in. I've been trying to catch her in one of her quirky moments – and was quick enough to grab this. I could tell something was coming so I focused on her face and held the shutter down for seven or eight shots, knowing immediately when I realized what I caught that I would print it. Again, one never knows how a woman will respond so between these two shots I just might be risking life and limb.

     Have I mentioned lately that I really appreciate being able to photograph Rogue Swan events? Not sure where I'm going yet with my Havre de Grace Street series – which includes performances I can wrangle invites to shoot – but I'm enjoying it, meeting a lot of wonderful people and building up quite a portfolio. The more I get out, the more people I meet, catch and observe. I prefer to center around events, both in and out of performances, considering it fair game. Otherwise I try to be very cautious and respectful of privacy in shooting people under more everyday circumstances. Darn, B&W is fun!

The Moon has been Eaten at the Opera House August 28

     Spending much of my time working on this now, and getting out the word. One Island note: we have an invite to spend the greater part of next May and June on the Island. In spite of a lot of serious problems being faced there right now, it looks like some progress iis being made. This month initiates the Rapanui's ability to limit all visitors to 30 days – including mainland Chilanos. That, along with the new inability for visitors to just show up without a registered place to stay have become necessary steps. Islanders have been keeping us up to date and we've been hoping for the best. We won't have any problems beyond having to have people vouch for our service to the Island. Hmm, taking along a few extra copies of the book might help show our appreciation.