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Continuing to Catch some of the Wilde Window Portraits

Sep 26, 2018

The good news for me is that the doctor says I’m coming back nicely from the surgery and I’ll be back to jogging by October 1. Good thing, I have a 5K Halloween and don’t want it to be a complete embarrassment. I should also be ready to hang in there fir the duration this upcoming First Friday – last one of the year. If the weather holds, and after one skipped followed by one iffy, it ought to really rock.

The image at the top is this Sunday’s Wilde Window Portrait (WWP). Kirk Smith posing. Hard to believe that standing almost in the same position yields such a viaiety of effects. Sure the subject changes, but so does the lighting, amount of reflection, position of cars parked in the street, etc. In this shot, one car looks like it’s parked right up next to Pam while she paints. And Mr. Smith’s head rises straight out of the roof.

Monday’s portrait session, below, is Dodi Gregory. This one came out quite busy, including a walk-by near the center. One oddity that I’v noticed is how few people walking by have any inclination to stop and watch an artist painting a portrait right there in the window, less than three feet from their faces. What would explain that? At first I thought that they are simply focused and not noticing, but I’ve been observing and have come to the conclustion that this isn’t usually the case. I mean, my gosh, this isn’t something one sees every day. What is it about the ones that do stop, if only for a few moments? I don’t know. All I do know is that there is something about the fact that the vast majority never break their stride that confuses, and even bothers, me.

At first I was going to begin another Icon/Album on the Havre de Grace Street page with this posting. Instead, I decided to keep adding entries to the existing show – until and if I hit the maximum. What this forced me to do is pass on posting a long version of the links to related postings below the album – and resort to just posting dates. I do keep this thing up to date – so the whole series (sort of a subset of my Street series) can be accessed at once. Again – Havre de Grace Street.