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First Friday in September

Sep 10, 2018

I managed to spend a little time shooting First Friday, albeit not without a good deal of "discomfort". Surgery just three days before proved a bit too much – especially in the heat and humidity. Swelling soon became unbearable and I had to head home to the ice packs over the seven stitches in my testicle (from removing some complications from having the mumps, of all stupid things to get as an adult, a while back). Nan tried her best to pull me out even earlier, but I wanted to feel like I got something out of the event. After all, the previous month's First Friday had to be cancelled because of rain. Friday they actually predicted rain so a number of the restaurants declined to set up their outside eateries – a real shame because, of course, the rain didn't start until long after the event was over. Crowd was perhaps a little on the light side early on, but was really picking up about the time I was limping to the car. October will be the last one this year – and I'll be back in top form for booking it through the streets at breakneck pace with my camera – finishing up my 2018 coverage of First Friday in Havre de Grace.

     The image at the top is a shot I had to for. This is the second time Dirty Deal played First friday this year (there's a band or performer every block). This time they had their banner behind them and I stood there waiting for the lead guitarist and singer – Joe Casamento – to assume the right expression, in the right position. A lot of fun trying to get it. After about a hundred shots I hit paydirt. Fired off two quick ones, catching the right hand just slightly blurred. I knew I had it. Their sound is sort of a rock blues – really great. A Delaware band I think.

     The young artist below sets up every month on Washington Street to draw caricatures, always a popular stop. Here she had just finished setting up her booth and was dancing to the street music when she spotted me aiming my camera at her. I managed caught her reaction.

     Below, another band's lead singer. Much easier to get decent shots when they dress for the occasion like this. Often it's almost not worth trying – I do like shooting performers. And April Burril perched at the kids' table outside our local art supply (and more) store managed by her husband, coloring – and evidently enjoyingn herself thoroughly.


     Outside RiverView Gallery where they exhibit, Emily Lyon and Nicolai Dressel teaming up to sell their hand-made items. 

     Last, a couple of kids on drums. Cliff Giles's drum circle has become one of the biggest attractions of First Friday, and kids are encouraged to take part. The young lady preferred to stake out a drum on the fringes, playing along in her own little world. The little boy got into the middle and proceded to take turns playing on everyone's drum. They were both cool to watch.

Again, all the images can be found a little larger in the appropriate First Friday event in the Havre de Grace Street section… I’m really looking forward to First Friday in October – by when I’ll once more be able to haunt the streets at my normal breakneck pace.