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My Havre de Grace Street and More from Wilde Portraits

Sep 18, 2018

Continuing with the iPhone shots of the Wilde Portrait Sessions lets gives me something to work on while I'm recuperating from my surgery – very little hiking required to park the car and walk a few yards, carrying naught but an iPhone. Besides, It's a kind of fun series to work on. The image at the top is from Sunday, the one below from Monday – that should be it for a few days anyway. I'll add them to the Havre de Grace Street slide show on the project – beginning next week I'll have to start a second grouping, no more room for posting links below the thumbnail.

     Above, Robyn Sousa. There was a particularly large, slanted windshield on the car parked out front that leaves Ms. Sousa's head emerging from it's reflection. Notice I like to show up around mid-sitting, with the sketch pretty advanced but before too much actual painting is done.

     Below, Carol Temple. I like the way my hand provides a sort of framed, darkish background for her. As always, the images in the Street slide shows are a little larger and more striking looking. I don’t know the woman, but she has a great face.

     Again, the images are always a little larger and more strikingly presented in the Havre de Grace Street section. As the Street section grows, and I come closer to figuring out just what I'm hoping to do with it, I'm sure I'll be forced to make some structural changes on the page – that's always fun (not). I'm looking forward to some time in January for that chore – not much going on then.