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Three More from the Wilde Portrait Project

Sep 3, 2018

Art projects are fun to watch evolve. Pam Wilde's portraits-in-the-window project in town here is no exception. I began shooting my B&W series of these as an iPhone project – thinking of trying both the iPhone and regular camera on the next one. Still not sure what I hope to do with the collection short of showing all of them in my Havre de Grace Street series. There people are free to download them, albeit in rather low resolution.

     I put Pete Botesma sitting for his portrait at the top here because I like the reflections of three passerbies all glancing in the window at what is going on. Below, finally someone else that I know – Jim McFarland from the Community College.

And finally – Karen Holt poses while Pam reacts to me monkeying around outside the window. This is a huge collection of portraits she's accumulating, I can't wait for the full exhibit sometime early next year. I'm not sure about the terms or how it all works, but she has a web site with sitting schedule and available dates – she usually does these from one to 4 in the afternoon, in the window of Artists Emporium in Havre de Grace. There's convenient buttons for scheduling your own sitting.. Web address:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f054faeaa2ea5fd0-model

Anyone who wants to help me talk Nan into sitting for her portrait, please chime in. I'm having a rought time there.

This Friday is First Friday again. Since the August event was cancelled, I’m going to try very hard to be there. I have minor surgery on Tuesday, something that just might effect walking, so I may have to do a quick look around and grab a seat at Cliff Giles’ drum circle and shoot that all evening. Then again, I seldom let a little thing like pain stop me. When querried about my preference for pain killer – I replied that I use the lay on the couch and whine system. Works for me.