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A Contagious Smile + Notes and a Rogue Swan Appeal

Jan 10, 2019

The series that Pam Wilde is painting in the window of Artists Emporium draws to an end this month. I began my iPhone series, catching these sessions, almost as an accident about half way through by taking out my iPhone and snapping off a shot as I walked by. It has been fun. I quickly filled up one Album of 25 (that’s all one will hold) on my Havre de Grace Street page – where they come up larger, on black background and are downloadable. The second Album is approaching that limit – giving me closer to 50. I missed a few here and there, avoiding pointing my camera at children posing. If I count correctly, I have room for the remaining sessions, plus a couple of slots for something of a B&W wrap-up of the portraits themselves. What with my being banned from the Gallery, this could be something of a problem. But I can always set someone up with one of my cameras (the iPhone wouldn’t be best for this part) to go in and see what they can get for me. Fun times in old river city – Nan thinks that I am relishing my small bit of notariety just a tad too much.

The picture above is Ann Slater getting her portrait painted. She kept alternating between a very serious pose and this very contagious smile. I had such a difficult time choosing between the poses that I had to work both of them almost to completion before I could decide. The whole time Nan pressed me to use this one anyway. I think my favorite part in all this has been watching the various responses to having to sit still and pose for an artist. Interesting.

Rogue Swan – Rogue Swan is a Havre de Grace treasure, a local theater troupe now looking for a place to rehearse – with a big performance coming up in May. Anyone who attended Mama Mia at the  last year knows how much they contribute to who and what this town is. And we all know the state of the economy – this isn’t something they need to be paying for. Besides, providing them with space – probably about the size of the stage at the Opera House – would benefit the town, the community and the arts. And I’m sure they would be very, very nice to anyone who could solve their delemma. If anyone is interested, and doesn’t know how to contact them, ask me. Otherwise – just get hold of Katy Gordon here in town. I do what I can to help, but I’m just a guy with a camera.

2019 – The Ice Festival is coming up soon, an early first opportunity (barring a good snow) to get the cameras out and spend some time in town. Looking forward to it. A new year, a new section atop my Havre de Grace Street page – trying to decide whether to relegate 2017 to a second page immediately or wait until sheer volume of Albums mandates it.

Fui X-T20 It looks like Im selling it locally, That’s a good thing – I’ll begin looking around to see if there is anything else I can throw in with the package for the guy to make it a little more fun. I was asked about my reason for selling – in the past I have always tried to keep a system-compatible camera on hand for Nan to use, but after I acquired the X-T20 body she decided that she would simply rather use her iPhone camera, leaving me with two backup cameras. One had to go. Unlike a lot of photographers, I do not hang on to equipment I don’t use, preferring to sell it or, if I can at the time, give it away. I purchased this X-T20 mint-used. I used it only once – probably not much less than the previous owner. It needs a good home, and someone who will actually use it.