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An Unscheduled Year Ender

Jan 5, 2019

This Window Portrait was not on the schedule, still isn’t listed. But we happened to be in town Sunday December 30 and walked by the window. Raining much? Duh, it seems like it hasn’t stopped raining this year. Check out the dingy sky and water on the cars in the reflection. I whipped out my iPhone – that’’s what I’m using for this series anyway, and snapped off about forty shots – making sure at least one good one was sharp. It was cold, low light and I didn’t have my trusty monopod with me. The subject turned out to be, after some searching on line, Major General Randy S. Taylor. Looks like Pam had just begun to sketch him in. Later we saw the portrait on Facebook – it looked really good.

Well, that pretty much finishes up 2018 subject matter, even if it does run into 2019 postings. This series should go for another month or so. I missed one this past Friday, but will get as many as I can. Again, images are posted on the Havre de Grace Street page – which is becoming quite full by the way – where they are larger, on black background and downloadable.

Happy New Year and heres to a good lot of B&W Havre de Grace Street subject matter…