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Last of the iPhone Window Series Portraits

Jan 28, 2019

Artist Pam Wilde's series of portraits painted in the window of Artists Emporium has come to an end. Sometime in the Spring there will be an exhibit of the more than 100 paintings done done. The last two of the more than forty that I managed to capture in my iPhone series of the set-up in the window - using the street reflections – are posted here today. They have also been added to the two albums for the series on my Havre de Grace Street page (where they appear larger, on black background and are downloadable). I'll have to find some way to offer my freebie little 8x11s matted 11x14 for any of the subjects that want them.

The shot above shows Michele Sweet, sporting another of those contageous smiles I occasionally saw. The image below is of "Ralph". I give only the first name because that is all that was posted on Pam's scheduling site. Thats OK, he knows who he is. Or does he – evidently he had to be chained into his seat. I would have asked – but as far as I know I'm still banned from the Gallery, for something supposedly disrespectful I said here on this blog.

Which is actually kinda fun – it's difficult not to enjoy the incongruity of a store owner banning someone who has not only been a customer but who has done the Galery multiple favors. Of course all this saves me both money and effort. I suggested to Nan that I should get a T-shirt made with "Banned from Artists Emporium" printed on it, but she wouldn't let me. If this lasts into Spring, I just might go there.

Now that this iPhone series is finished, I'll have to start thinking about another project where I could use the phone camera.

Gallery Sitting at RiverView

     Looks like March is going to be my/our big gallery-sitting month at RiverView. March has five Saturdays in it – I have the first two and Nan has the last two (which means I'll be there all four). I’ve filled in for other artists a few times during the year, but unfortunately that doesn’t fulfill my own obligations. Some Saturdays aren't bad, with enough people coming in to make time pass at a reasonable pace. But – let the weather be a little iffy – and it feels more like a week. Then again, I'll just have to remember to put a couple of good books on my iPad Mini.

RiverView Web Site

     I'm in the process of updating some of the Artists pages on the RiverView site – any artist who doesn't have a web site, Facebook page, etc. to link to, Tam tries to have me put up a page for. The site's new intro slide-show will have to wait until everything is re-arranged later this month. The site gives the Saturday gallery-sitting schedule and provides, on the Artists page, links so that they can be checked out.

I've also begun, after a break, photographing some of the art myself for these pages. Some of the artists aren't really up to that. Easy enough with the two-dimensional pieces, but a real bear with the three-D, especially since I try not to have to take them home to shoot them. For that I used to use a portable light tent that I designed and made myself a few years back– but that has been loaned out for so long that it would be somewhat unjust to try to pull out from under, so I looked on line and Voila – it looks like they now make something very similar, for no more than it would cost me to make another. So, too late for the latest batch, I ordered the darn thing. Now Tam won't have to put up with me throwing hissy-fits while I battle awkward attempts to do the next to impossible – get good, clean, classy images of pottery in a crowded Gallery with reflections bouncing everywhere. Yay. And this one is both larger and collapsable. Heck, I'm even going to update my lights to something a little more convenient.

Will I be willing to loan this one out? Sure, why not. With me it's only an issue once or twice a year.