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More from the Ice Festival

Jan 25, 2019

Not a lot more – just a couple of moments I managed to catch. The image at the top is the second one in a row where I used a trick that I grab on rare occasions for street shots. I create a copy layer over the image and apply a selected degree of motion-blur to that layer. Of course it lookl pretty much like crap at that point – but then I very carefully erase the effect over everything but the background. I sat down one day a while back and ran trough tests on all the different ways to unfocus, fuzz, fog, noise up and otherwise make a background less distracting and remain real. In this shot the girl’s face was simply in the wrong place – and far too close to in focus. I can’t wait to print this one.

A not-so-bad beginning to the year. I figured out very early on that with B&W, if you work all day and manage to come up with one shot that you consider a “ eeper" – albeit after hours and maybe even days of work – it was a success. Street shooting provides something of a bonus in that there are always others shots that, while not really works of art, can be printed up and given to the subjects.

Below are a pair of shots of kids posing for their pictures peering through the face hole of an ice sculpture. Cool idea – It’s amazing how much is done to provide something for the kids to do in Havre de Grace street events.


Again, all these are put into albums on the Havre de Grace Street page, where they are larger, on black bacground and downloadable free.