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The Usual Suspects – an Ice Festival Lineup

Jan 23, 2019

Changed my plans and decided to post a fun shot from the Ice Festival next. I was already thinking of this group as looking like some sort of police street line-up when Nan, seeing what I was working on, remarked: "The Usual Suspects". Now I can’t get the image out of my head (you know, the classic movie). One could even probably come up with intimidating nicknames for these characters, more than a little removed from the movie personas.

This is B&W photography, so I’m shooting for images that say something, tell a story, make room for speculation, etc. Do a quick conversion of a color image to B&W and see that the result is just the outline of a story – lots of “rewrites” before the final product. And then only a small percentage make the cut. B&W is a frustrating and demending, but rewarding, mistress. My postings for the Ice Festival will be few. I’ll probably post a couple more, adding them to the album on the Havre de Grace Street page. I didn’t cheat on this one – much. I applied a little motion-blur to the background to accentuate the already sinister look of the three foreground suspects.

This Thursday and Friday are the final two scheduled sittings in the window of the Artists Emporium downtown. I’ll try to get one or both of them. At the same time I’ve got two backed up to post later – looks like Monday for starting to get those out. Friday will be for any more images I get out of the Ice Festival.