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Year-End Entries into the Series – Includes the Mayor

Jan 2, 2019

Above – our town's Mayor, Bill Martin. I guess he decided to go for the relaxed look for his portrait. I'll admit that that would be my preference too – but I say that with the knowledge that Nan wouldn't allow that at all. Neat how a series of portraits like what Pam Wilde is doing in town can bring out so much. The final exhibit should be very interesting indeed. With this iPhone series of the process, with the B&W accenting what is often missed in color, I'm focusing on the whole thing from the perspective of the man in the street.

Below Sue Nappi. I assume that that was her husband getting his portrait painted in the last posting. She definitely looks a little more comfortable with the whole process. While there's almost no gallery visible in this shot, she's still not overposered by the car right outside in the street. It's amazing how much difference there can be in reflections, depending on changes in lighting. And, as always, added to the Album on the Havre de Grace Street page, larger, on black background and downloadable.

Reindeer Run 2018

Starting to get a drawer full of 5K run T-shirts again. At one time it was mostly 10K runs, but those days are over. Taking the selfie is Rachael, our niece who also runs these things – and beats me every time. It really helps, in the middle of 500 or more runners, to know you at least know one or two of them – even if you have to watch their backs slowly disappear into the distance. Only by a minute and a half this time – I'll get another crack at this in April with the Bunny Run. Gotta keep in shape to carry all that camera gear around…

Fuji X-T20 for sale… 

$450. I thought I'd deduct what I'd lose on eBay through commission and shipping to offer this locally in case anyone is looking for one of these.

• Really sweet condition Fuji X-T20 – Body only – sort of (the really nice 18-55 normal lens for this is available on eBay for under $350).

• Metal Hand-Grip – makes the camera feel just right

• AC Adapter – it has enough cord for most uses. Really handy for some video shooting

• Battery

• 32 Gig Sandisk Extreme Pro 95Mbs SD Card

• 50mm f-1.8 vintage Canon lens on Fuji adapter – for manual focus 75mm equivalent portrait work (the camera's zoom focus peaking makes this a snap). Otherwise most auto functions will work including Aperture Preferred Auto exposure.