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Being Whammied by a Delightful Pair

Oct 30, 2019

Here Marion, later to grow horns and do her own whamming by biting, is given a dose of evil elixir by Jessy Gordon and Jess Langley, two femme fatales who seem to be enjoying the process a little too much. Once the whamming begins, there is a lot of it going on, on a very busy stage, so it could be tricky isolating a lot of it with the camera. I particularly like th eeffect here becasue at the instant I made the exposure, the stage was illuminated by a shifting mixture if blue and red light. The dividing lines on the faces adds to the effect.

Below is April Burril, aka April Monique belly dancer, aka Chain Saw Sally. At one point she dons the two-faced mask and performs her Halloween belly dance. A little confusing at first glance, it all clears up if you just look at the feet.

This seems to be working for me as I spend time on some non-photography stuff – grab the first two that catch my eye and work them up. Heck, that can take two to four hours.