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Everyone Make a Surprise Face – and I use a "beware" sign as a prop

Oct 4, 2019

This should be the last Rogue Swan posting from the rough rehearsal stage of the process. Today is First Friday, with the cast performing a couple of numbers from the show on Washington Street, tomorrow of course is the Halloween Moonshine Hafla with April doing double duty here, and Sunday is the first complete run-through rehearsal of the show.

I expect there to be some increase in restrictions on what can be shown here (whimper, sob, cry) for fear of giving too much away.

For today just a couple of skit rehearsal shots and the second image where I had fun using that great "Beware" sign, that Concord Point Coffee has propped up in the rehearsal room, to accent a related point in a skit.


The first use of the sign was already posted on Facebook, where I promised to add it to the bottom of this posting. The Halloween stuff is a lot of fun – a well placed warning like that simply must be utilized.

Rogue Swan will be performing a couple of numbers from the show this evening, First Friday, on Washington Street. It’s going to be a hoot – bring the kids. Get show tickets at the Opera House site HERE for Friday and Saturday October 18 and 19.

OH, The Halloween Moonshine Hafla scheduled at the Opera House for this Saturday could be interesting. Admittedly we were considering skipping this one, until we found out that Amartia will be performing. She’s the belly-dancer who danced at our 50th Anniversary shindig – and the kids in the family are still talking about how great it was. Performance starts at 7:30.