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Halloween Hafla – April Monique

Oct 12, 2019

April is a regular at the Moonshine Haflas, so there are a number of good, even great shots of her dancing posted on previous occasions – see Blog albums. This time she danced something of a Halloween theme, with a matching masks, front and back. The effect this had was a little unnerving – very apporpriate for Halloween. The light was ultra low  for this part of the show, and shutter speed had to be dropped, even at ISO 6400. Here are three images that probably couldn't be printed any larger than 7x9 to work.


For a finale I'm including a shot from after the masks came off. She's moving, everything is blurred. On top of that, the color light pattern for this image converted to B&W with something of a solarizing effect. I like it a lot – once more horrible lighting worked a little magic.

I'm really busy with the Rogue Swan mini-project right now, but will work in the rest of the Halloween Hafla images as soon as I can. Next will be Azyra – she danced twice, and my camera seems to have a thing for her, so I have a lot to work with.