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Halloween Hafla – Azyra

Oct 13, 2019

Azyra danced in the July Melt Your Face Off Hafla so I was sure she wouldn't be able to make this one. But at the last minute she joined in – my camera was happy about that. July's images of Azyra are HERE. This was a Halloween hafla, so Azyra came out the first time covered from head to toe, and she still looked stunning in her dance. The second time, after break, she was wearing, as you can see, a tad less.



With this set my collection of Azyra images, as far as Haflas goes, is second only to that of April. Nan selected to image to go at the top.

Photographing dancers in very low light, trying to catch them with their eyes open, is quite a challenge, I love these shots but it would be great to use a little bit of bounce light, along with a caution to please open the eyes a tad more, in order to catch them a little more. Then again, I could lose the this-is-the-way-it-was look. Just a little more light, while not a great idea for viewing in the Black Box at the Opera House, would make for images that would print a heck of a lot larger.