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In the Dark Recesses – A few things you might not have noticed…

Oct 22, 2019

Before I get into the main body of images from the Rogue Swan’s Halloween event at the Opera House (and if you didn’t attend you missed something real, and a little unreal) in brighter light and usually a heck of a lot easier to coax a B&W image from, I thought I’d humor my inner massochist and mine the shadows. While most eyes are on what is going on center stage, I like to swing the camera around to show touches that make the scene work, note things that might easily be missed.

The intro shot was actually taken during a dress rehearsal where the lights were completely off – for the show they decided it was better to leave house lights turned up just a tad. At the beginning of the second act Marion comes in singing Come Little Children. Of course you can see her fangs – which come in handy later when she bites Jesse.

Below is one of my favorites. Jeremy, who plays in the band, sings one song and participates in skits, is sitting and contemplating his orb while Willow, new to the cast, at one point playing a second on drums, another providing keyboard for a number, participating in walk throughs,is here on the end of the stage, simply adding that finishing touch to a ghoulish scene (her dad's on drums). All the action is taking place on the other half of the stage.

The recesses of the left side of the stage, from the audience view, can be trickier to pick up on. Below Izzy switches from violin to clarinet to accompany the scene in front of her.

And finally, as Marion belts out Howl, Izzy is back on violin with Jason on keyboard. In the shadows off to the right is Alex.

One might ask as to what about the color versions of these images – well, that's pretty much not an option. While warching shows like this one's brain fills in for the continually flashing light colors, it hardly registers. The camera doesn't do this – a lot of the images are all blue, all pink or all green. Some even have halfway normal lighting. Others have a mixture. The point is that B&W can often solve those lighting issues, often being just as screwed up by it and sometimes even benefitting in surprising ways. It's a crap shoot.