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Makeup Session Faces – and a little band practice

Oct 2, 2019

I ventured into the very cramped space used for band practice to try and get a shot, turned around and pointed my camrea at JimmyO on the drums, eliciting the response shown – no comment needed. I managed a quick shot of the torture chamber and immediately left because I really like the idea of keeping my eardrums intact. No way without earplugs. On top of that, lighting was horrid so I had to resort to flash – barf.

I spent most of my time in a cast members kitchen and dining room trying to get shots of some of the players as they were having their makeup put on for the first time, jotting down instructions as to how to repeat it. Not much action in watching makeup being applied. And again I was forced to use flash – again barf, but it did help nail a couple of interesting shots. My flash: a little mini-thing I can carry in my pocket for indoor emergencies.

Here's Marion putting the final touches on something of an evil clown look. That's off-putting enough, but then the makeup looks in the show are are progressive in nature – this could get really bad.

And then there’s Jessy G. This actually looks pretty frightening in color – that's blood trickling from her mouth. And we all know how pretty Jessy is, making it that much more disturbing.

Man, this is getting to be work!! Tickets to see it all in good fun Halloween color, live,  HERE.