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Moonshine Hafla Halloween Edition – Amartia

Oct 8, 2019

Saturday's Halloween Belly Dance Hafla at the Opera House was the best yet. Yes I have pictures, perhaps too many of them. I'm starting the postings with Amartia. This lady is a brainiac, belly dancer and instructor of Turkish dance at the local Community College, etc. She even danced at our 50th wedding anniversary – something the nieces, nephews and grandkids are still talking about – making us the coolest of the older folk in the family.

We've been overly busy lately and were going to skip this Hafla in order to get some sorely needed rest. But when we found out Amartia would be included, Nan physically dragged me in (setting me up for a long week at the computer). As always, the lighting colors changed constantly – something that doesn't seem to bother the eye but really, really leaves its mark on exposures. The color JPGs that I gave to April – April Monique runs this event – to share with the girls are, to say the least, colorful. I had to apologize for giving her a whopping 365 of the beast shots to have to work with.

This was a Halloween hafla, and and most of the dancing was set to fit the occasion – a nice switch. Amartia came prepared – dancing to a Wonder Woman theme. The tribute was better than the real thing. Above, she sheds the coat she entered the Black Box theater room in – nice touch. Right off the bat maybe my favorite image of her. Here's six more:




I love all of these, especially the three down the left side – these are in the order exposed. Next posting will be a Rogue Swan rehearsal posting, and then I’m going to post images from April Monique at the Hafla – another who upped the Halloween game for this.

Heavy, heavy, heavy…

Since this is something of a journal for me, I have to include this note. What with the new 50-140 f2.8 lens being so heavy – bringing my camera/grip/lens combination to over four and a half pounds – I was finding that after a couple of hours of work my arms could get tired and a little shaky from hefting the darn thing. While I played with ideas for rigging some sort of left arm support, Nan came up with the solution: I've taken to taking a three pount weight along on my jogging, continuously doing curls and lifts. Working like magic. This past week I managed some heavy shooting four days in a row. Everything else was tired but my arms were fine. Of course I do have an overload of work to go through now.