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No Short Title Can Do This Image Justice

Oct 11, 2019

The intro picture is probably my favorite Rogue Swan rehearsal image to date. The expressions, sans stage makeup even, are priceless. One week to go and opening night will be upon them – the intensity of rehearsal is palpable. In the second image below, I didn't have to add any spooky-assist vignetting, they turned the lights off and someone held a flashlight on Jesse singing "Pure Evil".

Finally, here's a scene being rehearsed that’s very suggestive of something going on that will not end well…

Spending some time today making sure all equipment is in working order, etc. Good thing too, I ran into an unexpected oddity. I shoot Fuji X-T2 and X-T3 cameras. Both take two cards, automatically switching to the second when the first is full, when shooting stills. I was not aware of the fact that while the X-T3 will also switch cards when shooting video, the X-T2 does not, it simply turns itself off when the designated card is full. And since I'll be using that one for video at the performance, I'm making a note to, during intermission, switch to the second card in the menu.