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The Beginning of the End – Cast and a Magic Moment

Oct 21, 2019

I’m calling this post The Beginning of the End because this is where my real work begins on my Rogue Swan Halloween shoW mini-project – although I realize I’m using the word “mini” very loosely here. Above is the cast photo, at least the one I like – Halloween appropriate. Three were posed: serious, happy and goofy. Then, below, is the first of probably a long list of images from the show – a request.

Out of a haf dozen images of this scene from the background of the Mariner number, the one selected was the more problematic, if the better positioned. Nate was in heavy shadows and JimmyO and April were moving quite a bit. I felt like I’d been beaten with a stick by the time I was finished. It won’t make a huge print, but large enough.

I’ll be working on these for quite a while – and at the same time working the images, text, etc. into a pdf ebook (iPad and reader optimized) of the whole process. Then there’s the video – which I’ve decided to attempt some magic on myself, after I learn a few new tricks.

As usual this project was a learning experience in a lot of ways. I’ve definitely figured out that doing video and stills at the same time is NOT a viable option. That requires an assistant. Then I had a major frustration in that my backup camera proved that it would be unreliable for the videos and I had to set my beloved X-T3 up for video and use my backup camera for stills. Definitely slower on the take and more awkward to use. I WILL solve that one – B&W stills are my raison d’être.

As far as future videos, if I’m to go there, I’m looking at the new 16-80mm f4 lens. Perfect for stage video – I can imagine taking a straight-on video one night (assisted) and devoting the second evening to sitting at the tripod mounted video lens and zooming at will; heck, I would use an assistant for that if I could find someone who could handle it. I prefer a shot at a second evening of stills, with mental notes of what I might really want to catch.