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The Halloween Band – Rogue Swan

Oct 15, 2019

OK, this do look a little spooky. The two girls on the right are ghosted up a bit with white-face, adding a eerie touch. Names, back row first: Nate, JimmyO, Jeremy, Willow, Izzy,   ,Alex, Jason and Josh. They will be playing for this weekend’s performance of The Strange Case of Rogue Swan – many of them will also have to step our for rolls in the show. First below is a rehearsal grouping that pretty much shows what a strange bunch it takes to put on a show like this.

Finally, the cast has been working on their “evil” expressions. A couple have a hard time looking anything but sweet or, at best pissed. But not April, she’s got mean and nasty down to an art:

Tickets for the show are for same on the Opera House site HERE – I know it only says the 18th, but click on it anyway if you want the 19th, it will come up then.