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Watching and Thinking – Katie Gordon with her eye on everything

Oct 10, 2019

Almost everyone in the Rogue Swan Halloween show cast was at the last weekend's rehearsal – leaving me pretty much confined to a corner of a room that barely accomodated everything. The set-up was interesting, mics were set up facing the band – they'll be behind them on stage – to aid in getting everything coordinated. I pretty much managed to not get in the way until I slid my back up against the wall in order to frame a shot and accidentally turned all the lights off – pitch dark. Oops.

The intro shot here relates to the animated GIF I used for the site home page – the GIF is constructed from two of the exposures leading up to the intro shot here. Of course that's in B&W too. You can get back to it here: Home Page and click on Katie to play. Katie is concentrating hard, watching from the floor sidelines – you can see the brain wheels turning by watching her feet. No way to include a GIF in the Blog itself though, darn.

Below I’ve got Katie’s husband Nate managing to look a little intimidating while playing the accordion. It’s fascinating in the later rehearsals with all the facial expressions without the accompanying makeup – and quite someways more entertaining.

At this point there are lots of images to draw on, rehearsal images alone are ready to top a thousand. Selecting which ones to work on in/for B&W is somewhat daunting – I’m the guy who’s comeing from a lifetime of slecting a favorite exposure of a scenic to work up, much much easier – this whole thing is a learning experience. We also lived alone in the woods, no neighbors, until retirement. This whole being around people we don’t know thing, unless I’m hiding behind my camera, is even worse.

Only these two, and the animated GIF this time – I’m on to try and put up something every day for a little while to catch up.

Tickets for the show are for same on the Opera House site HERE – I know it only says the 18th, but click on it anyway if you want the 19th, it will come up then.