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A Couple of Halloween in Town Shots

Nov 1, 2019

Who'd a thunk it. Since we moved into town, maybe seven Halloweens ago, we've tried staying home on trick-or-treat night, lighting our pumpkins and porch light and waiting for the kids. None ever came. So this year we closed up and went down to the main drag in town, knowing that the town has something of a holiday shindig for Halloween. No wonder we never get anyone to give candy, etc. to. On the main drag it's hours on end, into the night, of kids visiting every little shop, store, coffee shop, drug store, you name it, where costumed adults generously hand out candy and more. It's sort of the Easter Parade for kids and ghouls. The dimmest block was blocked off to traffic and lit by a fire company truck throwing light on it.

The family above was making the rounds. I have to say though that it's probably a good thing that the kids take after the mother's side of the family. I've seen the papa here before, last Saturday he ran in the Halloween 5K – in character. There were two of them.

It was all something of a madhouse. I got off a couple of quick shots, but mostly we were there to enjoy ourselves – maybe next year I'll wear my "Tyrone" hat, wig and coat and just walk around like the character below…

From the shadowy alley next to Java by the Bay this potted plant stood waiting to jump out and frighten people coming up the sidewalk.

 And finally a very quick grab shot, that might even be ruined by being completely in focus. Tamara at RiverView Gallery and The Corporate Center, who loathes to have her picture taken, reacts to me pointing my camera at her. She'll most likely try to hurt me for this…