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Come to me my ghoulish f(r)iend…

Nov 3, 2019

I fully realize that this show is over (I've been reminded) and that I will need to move on as far as camera work. But this was a big job and it's not done yet, so there. Here April beckons to Scott as Marion, horns and all, plays the violin. With the background lit in blue, it was easy to make it darker. Note the cool shadows of the two on the stage.

The second image here is of Jess Bortell, otherwise known as Jessy Gordon’s husband. When I first saw this I was a little confused – it had been so long since we saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show that I’d forgotten the man in the suit playing this part in the Time Warp number. Putting him in an old fashioned smoking-jacket was a nice touch. A very nice, if purposefully stilted, “pelvic thrust”.