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my Wilde iPhone Window Portrait Series folio eBook album is ready

Nov 15, 2019

- especially for anyone who was photographed getting their portrait painted between august 2018 and january 2019 -  Finally… with the new Affinity Publisher comfortably out of beta, and my approaching the finish of the Rogue Swan Halloween show mini-project, I'm working on what is to become my folio format for the varied segments of the Havre de Grace Street project. I abandoned the original format because it was simply far too much work. In it's place I've simply been stringing related blog postings together in PDF format.

Wilde iPhone Window Portrait Series  2018 / 2019

The new format will take the images and minimal text from the postings and place them into PDF eBooks (optimized for iPads and readers). Much better than the present format of the full postings strung together. Affinity Publisher is an Adobe Indesign killer for me – quicker, easier and way less expensive. The catch – I had to take a few days and learn how to use the darn thing.

In stead of doing all of the experimenting, learning, redo's, etc. on The Strange Case of Rogue Swan, with all of its complications, I started with my Wilde iPhone Window Portrait Series mini-project completed in January. It's a good deal shorter and less complex. And when I found at one point that all 49 pages had to be reset and redone because I had overlooked something, it didn's send me looking for a cliff to jump off of.

This is the first to take its place in its final format on the Havre de Grace Street folio page. I's complete with a page listing all of the subjects – just tap (or click) on a name and it will take you to that the appropriate page.

In the end this is pretty simple. A PDF of the gathered postings opens in Publisher, page format is adapted, extraneous material and most text is removed, images are replaced by the print versions of the images stored next to the web JPGs in their folder, etc. When completed, a PDF eBook is exported. Voila.

Images, albeit optimized when exported, are my print-ready files instead of first-draft web workups. A bonus to this process is that, if anything prepared this way were to ever go to print, the only changes would be page size, positioning, etc. before exporting. 

I'll be making these openable/downloadable from the Havre de Grace Street folio page as I finish them. The Wilde Iphone Window Portrait Series eBook – optimized for readers and iPad – is now posted. They open and can be saved as a PDF. Yes these will open on a computer – although they may have to be downsized a bit for comfortable viewing. PDF eBooks tend to open up a little overly large on the computer, and then scroll vertically instead of horizontally.

As always, a full record of past blog posting can be found on the Archives page – further back postings off to the side on assembled PDFs. Hopefully The Strange Case of Rogue Swan eBook will be done soon.