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The Possessed – no, not the book by Dostoyevsky

Nov 16, 2019

The intro shot is Jesse Langley – one of the otherwise charming young ladies of Rogue Swan during her evening of being posessed. This was great Halloween entertainment. This exposure in color didn't look tempting to work up in B&W at all. But when checking out what you have with all the flashing color lights on stage, you'd better do a quickie conversion to double check. That's what I did here and instantly noted the accentuated effect. Note the whites showing under her pupils. And the neat harsh lines on her face and arms, formed where the blue and pink lighting crossed – cool. Generally if I have a horizontal for a posting at all, I use it for the intro because of the oversize way the blog posts verticals when I have to use them there. But the shot of Jesse looks better the larger it's viewed. I hope she likes it – it’s a favorite here.

Below is a scene where Bre is posessed and controlling Katie and Myra.

While I'm doing the rest of these up – and there are a few more, I'm also placing them into an eBook formatted PDF album of the whole thing, from first rehearsal through the final performance. Of course, it being the Holiday season, this will probably take to close to the end of the year. And Nan just suggested that, at the end, I search through the images for head shots to use on an intro page – sort of like the spread on the playbill for the show.