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This is Halloween

Nov 5, 2019

I don't know what Katie's Red Riding Hood robe was made out of, and it just looks red in color, but it sure was a nightmare converting it to B&W when in some of the stage lighting. This image, featuring Katie, April, Marion and Jessy – has a little motion in it – didn't everything in this show. I'm finding performance photography to be a lot like nature photography – being ready helps but a lot of shots still get away from you. That's why I like to shoot stills two nights. But since "they" want video shot two nights, the only way I'm going to be able to keep both Rogue Swan and myself happy is if they perform three nights next time……

The second shot today is another teaching moment. Shooting moving people wide open, in low light, at insanely high ISOs, even with a semi-fast shutter speed isn't quite my beloved tripod mounted, f-22, cable-release, low ISO moment, looking for razor sharp images that can be blown up to 3X5 feet if need be. You take what you get and either reject it or suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous "issues". I had a good image of Caleb emerging from the tomb the first night of the show – sans the spider webbing and chains of the second night. So by the time I realized that he had stepped up his game, I almost missed the shot, not being able to give the camera quite enough time to focus properly before it was gone forever. I did my best with it and ran it by Nan – I'll just show it a little smaller. He only appears in the show in the beginning when he gets tricked into the tomb and at the end when he finally emerges, confused and disoriented.


The saturday before Thanksgiving is the last open market day of the season. The only reprieve will be the fact that the Bread Lady in the Bel Air market will deliver emailed orders once a month to the site for pickup – we definitely take advantage of that. What we do here in Havre de Grace is stock up for the winter, especially from the Greek Olive Oil guy. While Nan makes her own pies, we prefer pumpkin pies made from real pumpkins, and that takes a lot of work. The Pie Lady, while she doesn't bring these for the table, will make them to order – and they are fantastic. We have one coming for Thanksgiving. The Bread Man presents a bigger problem. His baguettes are better than Panera's, but we don't have enough room in our freezer for a winter's worth – bummer, we'll pick up a couple of extras on November 23.

Last year we pre-ordered two dozen of the Sun Buns from the Bread Man to pick up on the last Market day – they freeze really well and go great with coffee, even better with red wine (microwave for 30 seconds first after thawing). When we mentioned this to another addict, Olive Oil Guy, I could see the lightbulb go off in his eyes – we're going to have company in making a larger order this year.