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Be Still My Heart – a b&w Christmas tree

Dec 9, 2019

I was probably the only one out there shooting for B&W at Havre de Grace's First Friday Christmas parade, tree lighting and street celebration. And what to I espy – a Black and White Christmas tree in the window of Amanda's Florist on Washington Street. 

Just as it started getting dark it rained a little, but it soon quit and the wind died down, making for a beautiful, chilly December evening. Check out the crowd below waiting for the parade to begin – which would surprise me by coming from the opposite direction as eons of tradition. Very much an improvement as far as I can see.

Yes it was dark, but I did some shooting ayway – knowing that the percentage of anything usable would be low. Pretty much nothing is completely sharp, but then that wouldn't be all that real would it. I'll have to divide these up into two postings – with parade shots next time. Below is RiverView Gallery, where both Nan and I show our efforts, from the street – I took the shot to have a holiday color image to use on their web site for the rest of the month. But for heere it's the B&W baby!

Then there was the always present very, very tall Christmas angel, this year with a darker dressed  cohort. The angel always shines.

At the stand where the local radio was broadcasting, the tree lighting would occur, etc. a school choir sang Christmas carols.

As I mentioned, the few parade shots I managed to get in the dark, holding the camera over my head to get above the crown, will be posted. I'm forever surprised at the crowd our little town attracts for their after-dark parades. The trees in town are full of lights, giant snowflakes are projected on the fronts of the buildings, music is piped around town, and more. Definitely worth the long walk after finding a place to park.

One thing they have yet to fix is the way some of the floats, vehicles, etc. fail to self-illuminate the decorations and people they are carrying, making it difficult to see who is there, let alone take a picture (one example – the very cool motorcycle contingent carrying snowmen, wearing antlers, etc. – difficult to see anyting beyone the headlights). People we know who were on floats weren't recognized by us until I got the exposures home and brightened them up a bit. Rebecca, was that you sitting up there in the dark – very hard to tell.