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Last of First Friday in December – A tad on the dark side…

Dec 16, 2019

Is that you Rebecca? As the parade was going by, with a particularly dark float approaching, I saw Gay Lyn frantically waving. So I quickly took a shot, completely in the dark as to who that was perched atop what must have been the darkest fload (it turned out to be a convertable with the top down). Then I carefully selected out the two mysterious figures and worked a little Photoshop magic on them. Lo and behold, it was a familiar face after all. Not much in the way of comment is needed for these – except to note that the first shot below sporta s very cute Whoville kid…

OK, Havre de Grace's tradition of night-life parades is growing on me, and I'm having a good time trying to photograph them – if bringing out those dark areas does make for some real graininess. But there is still a percentage of participants not making an effort to make themselves visible. May I suggest either a floor light pointing up or, perhaps better, some sort of short pole with a light mounted on it. Then again, it does get a little better with every parade.