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Santa Came to Town – First Friday in December

Dec 11, 2019

Above, and first image below. Santa, Mrs. Claus and their "driver"' in another Havre de Grace night time parade. I'm getting used to them, partly because while daylight parades can provide a plethora of straight shots, darkened streets make for maybe ninety percent missed and bad shots but up to ten percent kinda cool images. Dusk is best, but that calls for some real lucky timing.

Ubiquitous in local pararades it this "wind-up" christmas Volkswagon Beetle:

Finally, I managed to catch this group of kids carrying their sign – it was completely dark, with no light on them. I just aimed and shot, hoping that the auto focus would work in the dark and catch something. Then lightened the center just enough to show their faces – which had to be worked on a little separately.

One more posting from the parade to ccome – somewhere between three and five more images to look at.