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An Appeal for People to Pick Up Their Havre de Grace Street Freebies – and I'm UN-BANNED from Artists Emporium

Feb 20, 2019

My Havre de Grace Street freebies-box, very graciously displayed by RiverView Gallery in town, is getting full, beyond full. Last time I looked there were four dozen waiting to be claimed. In the past year maybe a dozen people have come in, seen themselves or their family member, and walked out with a mounted/matted original (ready to frame).

When I started on this "street photography" project, I decided that the least I could do is offer a small (8.25x11) original print to my subjects/targets/victims. After all, they might very well wind up in a book at some point. I decided to hinge mount them and cut little rag mats for them.

The problem from the beginning has been identifying individuals and/or getting the prints to them. RiverView, where I exhibit my work, offered to let me put them there for pick-up. They do attract some attention, being leafed through a great deal. But so far, far too few have been picked up. And I've just added about a dozen and a half more – images from up through this January.

I'm posting a series of group-spread shots here, taken on the Gallery floor, along with my appeal. So if you see anyone here you recognize here, please let them know. Thanks.  Hopefully word will get out and there will be a run on the freebies-box.

Havre de Grace Street images that don't fall into the "If you see yourself…" category are offered the same size, economy framed, to keep the price down a little.

I'm UN–BANNED from Artists Emporium

I'm pretty sure that wasn't my pretty face, magnetic personality or even my inherent likability, duh. So I was a little confused when I was suddenly UN-BANNED from The Artists Emporium Gallery in town – not that I wasn't getting some enjoyment out of things as they were. Turns out my camera work is needed for something. Anyway – it looks like I can cover events again. Here are links to the posting that so ridiculously got me into trouble and my subsequent BANNED announcement – in case anyone needs a chuckle:

A Pair of Wilde-ings – as exile to the storage room looms…