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January Hafla 2 – Luvlee

Feb 1, 2019

Jessica Lee Fenwick – aka “Luvlee” – does her solo dance in the January Moonshine Hafla at the Opera House. Even from my vantage point in the back corner, standing on a stool, it was almost impossible to get a full-body shot with all the heads in the way – unless I lucked out like here where the subject was standing in exactly the right spot. Luvlee, a regular at these things, can always be counted on to do something original and different – although I’ll confess to being pretty lame at translating interpretive dance. I just like to watch – and look for moments I can capture with the camera if I’m fortunate enough to be invited to shoot.

Fortunately there were a couple of other photographers there – giving me free rein to shoot with my B&W in mind, not worrying so much aboiut getting color images the Opera House or dancers might be able to use. I took a lot of exposures, a couple of hundred actually. But any outing where I get three that I like as much as this one and the two from the previous posting, I consider a success when working in B&W. While the lighting was a huge improvement over the last Hafla, the size of the audience is getting to be too much for the little Black Box.

 This was taken at a low point in the oft-changing lighting with my X-T3 – ISO 6400 at  F-4 and 1/160 with the 55-200 zoom at 55mm (85mm equivalent). Lights that change like that keep my finger on the front dial fine tuning the shutter speed in order to keep the ISO down as much as possible. With the lens I was using – and its stabilization – I could have shot this a tad slower and gotten ISO 3200 and been a little safer – but as long as I avoid going too large on a print, the much feared and maligned ISO 6400 did fine (and no, I did not do any noise reduction).

The Havre de Grace Street  page, where these are larger and downloadable, is now two pages. There is a link on the bottom of the main page to a page 2, where I moved the 2017 images. The volume of work for this project is building faster than I originally expected.

I’ve also streamlined things a little here by cutting the Blog posting archive off at January 2018 – adding a PDF of 2017/2018 to the back-postings files at the top of the Archives page (link at the bottom of the home page).


I’m getting close to having to set a printing day so I can catch up on my freebie-miniatures – 8x11 on 11x14 for the subject or family of the subject – from the Havre de Grace Street series. Sometime early February. Requests for copies are piling up so it will be a busy couple of days. I do appreciate it when someone specifies that they are for an album of some kind and don’t have to be mounted/matted, it saves me a lot of work. On the same subject, there are a lot of street images in the box at RiverView that have yet to be picked up – if anyone going through them recognizes someone, please tell the Gallery Director for me. It’s often very difficult to let people know they can pick up their pictures.