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"Still Waiting" – A New Annegarn Piece

Feb 5, 2019

One of our favorite collections of other people's art is our grouping of area artist Maria Annegarn's seated ceramic figures. They often come with their own bench or chair. One lady even has a purse. We display them in a neat wicker shelf rack – guests often remark on our acquisition of a new piece. This past October (yes, somehow I missed posting it at the time) we acquired a new one – this one is called "Still Waiting” and sits seven inches tall. Sometimes if we think we recognize someone in a figure, we call it something else.

Thus far we have passed on standing figures, having no way to add them to the display. Maria is a member of RiverView Gallery in town, where there are always a number of her very unique pieces. Tamara knows to call us and let us know when new work comes in.

I've posted pictures of the collection before, each time we add a figure. Just can't resist showing it off. Below, our display as of now, the little vase top right is another Annegarn creation:

Maria’s web site is here: https://www.mannegarn.com, check it out.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to break in my new light-tent for photographing 3-D items. My first effort, leaving the white background completely white, seemed like too much so I reduced the effect some toward the center. At one point I had a light tent that I made myself, but today they sell the set-up below as cheap as I could could make another one (I sort of loaned out that one indefinitely) and it takes up far less space in storage. Even the lights are smaller, cheaper and brighter. So, OK Tam, when it comes to getting shots of those 3-D pieces, bring it on!

Kind of lonely looking in there, isn’t she. I left the third light off for this shot – it came from high in the front. I shot everything here with the iPhone. Easier, quicker and perfectly fine for images destined for the internet. And of course I shoot RAW in case there are any major corrections.

I keep up an Other People's Art Index here on the site. In fact it has acquired so many entries that I have recently had to make a big change – only listing those over the present and past year with direct links, and simply designating the appropriate PDF archive for the rest.

Why do I include Other People's Art? It's a lot of fun thinking and talking about my own work, even a lot, but not all the time. Looking at, appreciating, collecting and sharing one's excitement over the work of other artists is not only rewarding but tends to put one's own work in perspective.