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Rogue Swan Prepping for Vaudeville at the Opera House in May

Mar 14, 2019

OK, it's only this one shot at this point. After all, this was the first rehearsal of the year. This is the Director, Katy Gordon (on the right) and one of the many cast members showing their exhaustion and the bottoms of their feet after over two hours of dance rehearsal. This year's event is titled "The Last Call".

I'm very fortunate to be allowed to photograph rehearsal sessions this time around. I'm sure I'll be able to talk them into letting me post a few more shots as we go along – this way they get a record (in color of course) of the entire process, and I get my handful of B&W images. That works for me.

There are a couple of hundred images in the collection from this rehearsal alone. And there are loads more rehearsals to be held in a number of locations around town – it's great to see so many local businesses doing their bit to help this phenomenal asset to our community. Definite chops to Concord Point Coffee for hosting this rehearsal after hours.

The best part is that I will, like last year, be photographing opening night from the back – using my go-to 55 to 200 (85-305 equivalent) lens. That's where the really good stuff is. Nan and I have already purchased our tickets – grabbing the two end seats in the back.

Tickets are available for the May 24 and 25 performances on the Opera House web site – and as successful as was last year's Vaudeville performance, I expect both evenings will sell out long before then. This thing will be rollicking, funny, uplifting and entertaining – one fun evening that will leave everyone smiling. Their Poster below – with links below that:

I’ll set up the Havre de Grace Street album for my B&Ws after the second rehearsal.

Opera House site for tickets:  https://hdgoperahouse.org/event/rogue-swan/

Rogue Swan on FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/rogueswantheatre