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Rogue Swan's all-new Vaudeville in Rehearsal 2

Mar 30, 2019

If any of you were at Rogue Swan’s sold-out one-night Vaudeville last year at the Opera House, you are sure to be looking forward to this. It’s two nights and all-new, Friday and Saturday May 24 and 25th. We’ll be there, already having our tickets. I’m lucky enough to be taking some pictures for them during rehearsals – a lot of fun. Just find an out-of-the-way corner to avoid getting trampled and fire away. I spend most of my time trying to anticipate what is coming and firing off four to eight shots over the next full second. Makes for a lot of throw-aways when nothing happens.

Early rehearsals are a hoot – especially watching Katy Gordon, the Director, working out her new choreography. Not much in the way of interraction shots at this point, those images will come later. But I did come away this time with a couple of shots I like. 

The shot above is Katy Gordon “directing”. I have a lot of these, and will consider a spread on them at the end – if she agrees to not kill me for doing that. She was actually smiling and laughing at this point, you just can’t tell from the closeup. A group of the girls were lined up in front learning new steps.

Below, two of th edancers practice one of the more complicated dance sequences – over and over again, making sure to get it right.

Next, mid practice, I quite accidentally caught her hair in a position she probably couldn’t duplicate if she tried. Lets you know how much energy was being expended.

And finally for today, my favorite first run-through of the evening. One of the girls is to be sort-of changing on stage, so two groups of “friends” dance around her in a circle holding beach blankets. Boy is this one going to take some practice. Here they are at the end of the sequence.

Lots more rehearsal to come – and I think they are getting used to me being there now and simply not noticing. That should help.

By the way, Rogue Swan gets all of the color images – I’m sure there is a lot there they can use. There is one thing I’m looking to do in color – just for fun – is take one of my burst sequences and create a repeating animated GIF. I want to wait though, in case something better comes up. I’m sure to have one by May, well before the show. I have a couple of candidates already – no rush. I’d like it to be something they could use on their site.

As always, images can be found in the appropriate album on the Havre de Grace Street page – larger, on black background and downloadable.