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A Smile from the Steps

Apr 16, 2019

I was climbing into the drivers seat of the car, saw this, and stepped up to peer over the roof with the iPhone. Darn, it should have been a full camera shot. Anyway, the iPhone did a passable job, even with all the cropping. It won't print much larger than posted here though. The perspective give a slightly unreal feel to the scene, akin to looking at a model of the street scene instead of the real thing. I'll wait for someone to give me a name.

I did some tests and will be going out with a new work-flow on the iPhone camera. Camera+2 now shoots burst mode in RAW. This should prove a real help when shooting without flash (which I always do) in questionable light. I ran some tests hand holding for four to six shots in burst mode with show shutter speeds and a couple were always sharper than the rest – interesting. If I know I'll be shooting the phone, I prefer to venture out with it on a monopod – but I wanted to come up with something I could trust when the quick-shot comes up. Burst shooting also give you more choices as to expression, etc.

Again Havre de Grace Street images are posted on their own page, in Albums, where they are downloadable.