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Rogue Swan Vaudeville Rehearsal 3 – Part Two

Apr 13, 2019

A couple of shots from one of the scenes being rehearsed. The shot above is, of course, the final image in this sequence –heck, why be orderly here. Anyway, the young lady below is helped out of a box – I imagine that the cardboard box is a fill-in for practice and be replaced for the show – to be soon swept up overhead by another dancer. Performance images are a lot of fun fun to do up in B&W. They makes for interesting additions to my Havre de Grace Street images. I give the color exposures to Rogue Swan to use as they please. As to what will become of all this – I have no more idea at this point than I did early on with the Easter Island series. And that worked out, so I'll just keep on keeping on.

In shooting this sequence, when it got to the pick-up point, I held down the shutter for five frames a second throughout. This gives Rogue Swan a good step-by-step series. The shot I used here, from near the end, shows the celebratory reaction from the director Katy Gordon as it came off more or less as expected. The guy doing the lifting made it look easy – some real muscles there.

My favorite part about taking pictures during rehearsals is that when it comes to photographing the event, I'll have a good idea what's coming and be so much better prepared for important shots. That combined with my fast reacting mirrorless cameras, face detecting auto-focus and a stabilized 55 to 200 (85 to 305 equivalent) zoom lens should make for a fun, productive shoot (not to mention a battery grip that can be plugged into the wall behind me, avoiding any problems there). As a bonus, Nan won't be stuck sitting alone in front of me this time, we will have a visitor from Easter Island accompanying us.

Get your tickets folks, this is going to be a very fun evening – and two shows this year to choose from. 


A quick note on iPhone camera app Camera+2: it just had a great update. This is my go-to camera app for shooting RAW plus JPG and it just got quicker and slicker to use. Can't wait to do some more iPhone cam work. At the same time they made the app's built-in image editing functions an extension of Photos, really expanding what can be done without using another app.