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Some Rehearsal Faces – Rogue Swan Continued

Apr 19, 2019

I’m noticing that further along in rehearsals there is a lot of concentration on making facial expressions match the action on stage. And since real action shots, other than those of assistance to the cast, are pretty slim until at least the dress rehearsal, I am continuing to pretty much concentrate on my search for portraits here on the blog. The shot above shows Jess Gordon practing his pout, sitting front stage while there is a lot of activity behind,

A little later Tara, “the voice”, grabbed the hat for a while while she belted one out. This shot is paired with another of her, in a more serious moment – the camera really likes this girl. She won me over during a Rogue Swan performance with her version, performed with Jess, of one of my favorite songs: Suddenly Seymore. She recently starred in Sister Act at the Opera House.


The final shot is cropped from a shot of one of the cast sitting along the sidelines awaiting his cue. I noticed the totally lost in thought look on his face and grabbed the shot. If I did this to one of the women in the cast she would probabaly want to hurt me, but fortunately guys take a lighter view of being caught out.

I can’t wait to see how all this familiarity with the sequence of things helps oout when photographing the actual performance. Again, see the Havre de Grace Street page for larger, downloadable versions. Get your tickets for the performance at the Opera House May 24 & 25, the show will be great – and watch for a short preview performance in the street this coming First Friday!!