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Brother and Sister Act

May 22, 2019

Perchance you’ve already seen the image above of Jessy and Caleb Gordon, who happen to be brother and sister, doing a lift, swing and on to the next person in a celebratory scene where most of the cast is on stage. While I had this set aside to work on, Lilli (Rogue Swan's manager) liked it and converted the color version I provided to B&W and posted it (the young lady knows a good potential B&W when she sees one). I was tickled to see it get out there. My version is fine tuned a tad – making more of a difference in print than on the internet.

The whole Rogue Swan troop is a joy to watch at work. I spent a good part of the time at rehearsals working up portraits and close-ups, some easier than others. This is just a one-shot quick posting because I have so much to do today – including shooting at dress rehearsal this evening. I should be able to get up early tomorrow and throw something on for performance eve.

Again, check my Havre de Grace Street page for larger, downloadable versions.