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First Friday in May – Rogue Swan, – wow, no rain!

May 7, 2019

Finally, in spite of the dire predictions, it didn'r rain on a First Friday. I'll have to split my street shots between two postings – first a couple of shots from Rogue Swan, in the street promoting their Vaudeville show coming up May 24 and 25. In a couple of days I'll post more shots from the, in most ways, impressive evening.

But why not start off with a whine: Oh come on La Cucina, you can do better than that!

We stood in line to get slices of your always, always great white pizza, with spinach. So far so good. Then, of course you offered to warm it in an oven – to no effect whatsoever after the wait. It wasn't just us, everyone else was having the same problem. As good as it is, it does not stand up to being served stone cold. Bring out the darn hot lights.

Rogue Swan

Now that I got that off my chest – the image above is a shot of Rogue Swan posing for a publicity photo as the First Friday crown swirls arouns. I saw it happening, raised my camera above the photographer's head, and fired off a shot. I actually like it as a street action shot, catching the interaction. This is just the on-stage cast, there are manm others involved as musicians, in costuming, managing, etc. It's a fascinating process to observe. 

Below are three more images showing members of Rogue Swan promoting their show – at one point I was standing on a chair, keeping my fingers crossed that no-one bumped into me.

As always, see my Havre de Grace Street page for large downloadable versions. And if you're not chomping at the bit for tickets to their Vaudeville performance, well… hmm, maybe I won't go there…. Just click on the link and go to the Opera House site and get your tickets – https://hdgoperahouse.org/event/rogue-swan/