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First Friday in May Part II

May 9, 2019

More images from First Friday in May – that had everyone having a great time while wondering where the heck all that predicted rain was and if it would ever hit. It never did – in fact, the sky remained clear. Hmmmmm. The image above is by far my favorite from this First Friday. I call it: Eating Kona Ice is Serious Business

I'm including below a warning, and solution, concerning new Firewire-3 (USB-C) ports frying older external USB hard drives when connected via a converter. Please read, I've included links to more info. And yes, the solution is a pain in the butt. Beats losing everything on the drive though.

The girl below, being carried around by an incredibly strong chicken, was promoting the local Chicken House. She posed graciously for a shot.

In the same vein, there was a giant duck waking around promoting the Decoy and Wildlife Festival, going on over the weekend. I did check it out – the rain had come, but it was indoors so no real problem there. The issue – and I'm probably going to step in it here again, it's a habit – is that it was $10 at the door, per person, to attend an event, however interesting, where carvers and artist have paid a considerable fee to display. A combination that is never fair to the exhibitors. At the same time, none of the advertising and promotion mentioned this fee – leaving the kind of bad taste in one's mouth that will definitely linger to next year. I realize that this is a major fundraiser for the Decoy Museum, but really guys… Oh, cool duck though:

Next is a nice shot of April Burril, unconsciously - maybe, one can never be sure about these things - striking an appropriate pose with the beauty salon window framed in the background, leaning against the giant speaker while she waits – she would be singing with The Hushdown later.

Wow, it looks like I'll be able to mine a couple of more shots out of this First Friday. Just give me a couple of days – B&Ws can be a little slow going. Meanwhile:

USB-C, aka Thunderbolt 3 – connecting USB via Converter WARNING

I'm running into far too many people who have FRIED their old USB external hard drives by plugging them into a USB-C / AKA Thunderbolt-3 port via a converter (that we have been given no reason not to assume that it will not work as designed). Of curse the real loss is in what's on the drives – the damage is complete, akin to lightening running in on the darn thing. Unfortunately, there is very little information to be found on this out there right now. I'm just very glad that I've had some advance warning – and an opportunity to spread the word.

The problem isn't an incompatibility between USB-C and old USB – the culprit is the old connector cable that came with the drive. The issue is discussed here under:

The Wrong Cable Could Fry Your Devices 


And here is a further explanation along with some advice on purchasing that USB-C compatible cable you will need to acquire if moving to a machine with naught but a Thunderbolt port.

How to Buy a USB Type-C Cable That Won’t Damage Your Devices


Botom Line: before you risk losing everything, especially if you move to a new laptop that has only Thunderbolt 3 ports and a converter to older USB, throw those old cables away and replace them with USB-C compatible cables – or, using a regular USB port somewhere, move the files to a newer, USB-C (thunderbolt-3) drive. Are we having fun yet?