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First Image from Rogue Swan's Vaudeville Last Call – Along with a link to all of the color shots…

May 31, 2019

It's good to be back among the living – more on the reason for a week that should have had a number of blog entries, having none. Friday and Saturday were Rogue Swan's Vaudeville performances at the Opera House, and I shot both. Heck, we enjoyed the second even more tha the first.

It's pretty simple, I shoot RAW plus full size JPG, giving the color JPG files to Rogue Swan – NO, this does not mean I'm "doing" color. I do my part as a volunteer for this group that gives so much to this community. All rights to these color images belong to Rogue Swan. I retain the RAW versions and the right to mine them for B&W imaging. We're trying something new with this performance – I'm putting most of the images on Flickr, in Albums. That way performance images can be seen by the public, while others can be made private for Rogue Swan Eyes only (rehearsal shots, etc.). My Album page is here:


I've arranged the images so that the few that I thought were worthy supplements from dress rehearsal come first, then Friday's performance in sequence, and last Saturday's, in sequence. Check them out. If you weren't there – I hope they make you wish you were. Rogue Swan will be back to the Opera House in October – October, we all know what happens in October – so start making plans.

Anyway, today – Friday (time flies when your running with the walking dead) – I'm finally looking at the blog and trying to figure out where to start on all that's backed up to do. As sick as I still am, the brain is back and the weirdly bad hand shaking is abating. As far as my B&Ws go, I always knew there would be moreopportunities shooting rehearsals – but here goes.

The image above is from Saturday's performance. Normally I complain (ok, whine) about those dastardly flashing colored lights that ruin so many exposures. Nate here, along with the background, was bathed in red light. Everything in the center to right foreground in pure blue light. Rendering the look to something of a lonely, dimly lit session at the keyboard when converted to B&W. Manning the color sliders, and a little bit of tweaking and voila. The only negative being that this thing is going to be a bear to print. Us B&W guys have all the fun! That being said, I'm going back to the couch for a while.


For Friday's show I was feeling fine – I thought I was experiencing some Spring allergy of some kind, took a half a Benedryl, and felt great. I managed to get a lot of good shots at the opening performance. But then I was asked to also shoot Saturdays performance too. Sometime during the first act something hit me like a sledge hammer. I had to  constantly suppress my urges to cough, my hands began shaking so that I had to use every trick at my disposal to hold the camera steady, and I was sweating profusely. I was in auto-mode – no idea whether I was succeeding in getting anything or not.

Subsequently, the cameras sat unopened for days – I had a bad case of some vile flu type thing going around. It took me 'til Friday to get the images posted to Rogue Swan – setting up a Flickr account for them (above).