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Nan's Latest – Other Peoples Art

May 14, 2019

I don't usually post in my Other Peoples Art for a new painting by Nan, but this is something of a special occasion. Over the years she occasionally skips a year of more – other than a miniature here and there – doing her larger paintings. Only to emerge on the other side making a style leap. The painting above – Surf and Rocks – is her first in well over a year and will be delivered to RiverView this week (framed of course). The painting is 18x24 inches.

     I just hope I retained my close representation of the image when I converted it to an optimized JPG for the here. B&W is tricky enough, but paintings are very difficult to represent fairly, always wanting to look either worse (generally the good ones) or better (the not so good ones) – neither fair to the artist. And this doesn’t even address the issue of what shrinking the size does to the effect.  Anyone who thinks they know what a painting is going to look like from a JPG on the internet is deluding themselves. And even if you do get close, it will look different on different devices. Or in a book, for that matter – go to the book store and look at a half dozen books with close-ups of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and lay them side by side. You’ll see six different paintings.

 NIFTY GADGET – New Toy, Remote Camera Trigger for iPhone –   

Very cheap little iPhone (or Android) bluetooth remote switch (a separate button for each). I enjoyed so much having a remote for my go-to video app on the iPhone (operated from the iPad), I looked around for something to give me the same remote option with the still camera. Voila, CAMKIX remote shutter. A very small button thingie that does one thing, click the shutter on the iPhone camera without touching the phone. AND it works on third party cameras – notably my Camera+ 2 app. Can't wait to have a need to set the iPhone up on a tripod for taking shots while standing anywhere in the room.