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Rogue Swan (again) – a couple "portraits" and fun shots

May 16, 2019

While covering Rehearsals for Rogue Swan's upcoming Vaudeville at the Opera House, I'm gradually amassing something in the way of portraits of the cast members – sneaking them in. For this posting, two of the guys and a couple of fun, early dance moments.

This time I thought I do a couple of the guys. The down side to shooting people unposed, even if you can mess around with the background like here, is that so often you wind up using a third to a quarter of the exposure – and that after exposing at ISO 5000 or higher. Ouch. The first one below is one of those cases. Joseph, a Rogue Swan regular, had just sat down in a chair and pulled up his bare, tired feet to rest during a strenuous rehearsal session. No, he wasn't looking at me, he was just staring off into space, probably exhausted. I cropped away, down to something that I liked, that will yield a print with a resolution high enough to print no larger than it appears here on the Havre de Grace Street page. But hey, it catches him cold. The second is of Alex, waiting on the sidelines for his cue, lost in thought (this one from an earlier rehearsal).

As always, the images can be seen larger and downloadable on the Havre de Grace Street page.

This rehearsal was in the Fire Hall – with window light about equal to the fluorscent lighting. This confused my camera so much that a few times, shooting towards a full wall of windows – exposing 6 frames a second – the auto white balance would alternate correcting for the two kinds of light. I've never seen that before – three too yellow and three too blue, alternating. This calls for some changes in the way I work.

This coming weekend should pick up a bit on preview images – costuming is close to ready, final touches are being put on performances, and of course there will be a dress rehearsal soon. Me? I'm just so glad I'm on the back end of the camera. If I come away exhausted from shooting, I can only imagine what these guys feel like at the end of the day. For the performances, I’m already setting up for a second camera with a slightly wider lens for an occasional shot – plus enough extra camera cards so I can burst shoot (holding the shutter for 5 to 6 frames a second – I find 8 to 11 to be overkill) without worrying about running out of room. Batteries won’t be an issue since I’ll be plugging into the AC outlet. I almost dread facing the image load I’ll be going through the next day.

Watching the rehearsals has in no way dampened my interest in seeing the show. For tickets to the shows, May 24 and 25, go to the Opera House site:  https://hdgoperahouse.org/event/rogue-swan/

Or get them at the boxoffice at the Opera House.